Five stories not to miss

Five stories not to miss

1.Apple planning to combine apps across platforms

five stories not to miss

Apple is rumored to be pushing ahead with plans to allow iPad apps to runonMacsbytheendofthe year. ProjectMarzipan will increase the number of apps available across its devices. Apple is aiming to roll out tools for developers that will let themmergeiPhone, iPad and mac appsby2021.

2. The UK backtracks on Huawei network ban

UK security officials said they could mitigate the risks of Huawei equipment in UKtelecomnetworks, marking a change in fortunes for the company. Huawei has been under scrutiny amid speculation that the firm could pay for the Chinese government.TheUShasbeenpressuring its allies to stop buying from the world’s largest telecoms equipment maker.

3.Google on the defensive over“hidden” microphone

Google was forced to issue an explanation over an“ error” that hid a microphone in the company’sNestGuard home security devices from consumers. The undisclosed mic was discovered after an update enabled voice-controlled features in Assistant for the security device, but the existence of listening tech appeared nowhere in the product’s specifications, sparking an outcry from privacy-conscious consumers.

4.Facebook-branded“digital gangster” in fake news probe

Facebookwaslabelled a “digital gangster” in a UK parliamentary report following an investigation into disinformation campaigns on the social network. The report called for the company to face urgent statutory regulations in the wake of its failure to clamp down on fake news andaccusedFacebookofintentionally obstructing the investigation.

5. Microsoft accuses Russian network of mass EU attacks

Microsoft said it spotted a widespread, coordinated hacking campaign that provedtheFancyBear/APT28groupfrom Russia was involved in an“ongoing effort to target democratic organizations”. According to Microsoft, it spotted spear-phishing attacks seeking to gain employee credentials and deliver malware,with104targets across Europe, including political campaigns, think tanks, and non-profit groups.

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